How much time do you need to visit the exhibition?
Although you can spend as long as you like at the exhibition, you will need around 1.5 hours to visit the whole exhibition.


Is there a cloakroom?
Yes, there is a cloakroom available for a charge (CHF 2,- per item).


Can I take a backpack, travel bag or umbrella into the exhibition?
No objects (apart from handbags and pushchairs) are permitted inside.


Is there a cash machine at the exhibition?
No, but there are cash machines at the Geneva-Airport station and at the airport, 200m from the exhibition.


What is the recommended age for visiting the exhibition?
The exhibition is for everyone. Children under the age of ten may have some difficulty understanding this play.


Is it possible to organise group visits?
Yes, no bookings are necessary. For groups of over 50 people please contact us by


Is it possible to book a guided tour?
We do not offer guided tours. Visitors are invited to take part in a genuine experience through the many installations and the play.


Which languages is the exhibition in?
The exhibition is in French and English.  The play is in French (4 performances a day). Recording of the play runs between performances. The recording is entirely subtitled in English.


Does the exhibition have disabled access?
Yes, it is fully accessible to people in wheelchairs. We do not have wheelchairs available for public use.


Are animals admitted to the exhibition?
No animals are permitted apart from guide dogs.


Can I take photos in the exhibition?
Yes, but not with a flash. However, professional camera equipment and bags are not permitted.


Is there a gift shop?
No, but the exhibition catalogues are sold at the entrance to the exhibition.


Is there anywhere to get refreshments?
Yes, there is a small café in the exhibition hall. You can also get food and drink from the airport 200m away.
However you cannot take a picnic into the exhibition area.